The industrialized Wiselys have arrived

The industrialized Wiselys have arrived

Shortly after the World Web Forum we ran out of Wiselys (aka “TEASER”). In the meantime, we have carried out a large industrial process to speed up production, make it more reliable and deliver consistent quality. We have also completed the certification process once again to really ensure that Wisely meets all necessary standards.

No rocket science, but work

Just in case you ever have to undergo a certification process for LoRaWAN sensors: check above all the radio module for its approvals, as well as the path from the actual transmitting element up to and including the antenna. Does the whole setup scale in production? How long does it take you to produce a sensor and what can go wrong?

The result

After 3 months of intensive optimization, production today consists of mechanical work and 2 clicks. The result is an end-to-end test in which the sensor value is tested via TTN integration to the augment reality platform. Industrial printers blow out the labels as if by magic.

The echo

The many pre-orders have confirmed the community’s interest in Wisely. Shipping started yesterday. The packages now go to the Netherlands, Germany, Austria and Italy.
We are now receiving enquiries for projects in office buildings, workshops and special buildings. #LoRaWAN, #TTN, #AvelonWisely !

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