A highly sophisticated alarm server.

You don’t want to compromise? Every alarm must be traceable at the right time and in the right place? The most modern means of communication should be used? Avelon Heads-up! is what you’re looking for.

Unmissable alerts

For secure alerting you need a call center that calls the responsible people individually? Avelon Heads-up! does that for you. It combines modern communication technologies with reliable alerting. You can see the alarm message and optional alarm instructions at a glance and have the alarm text read to you.

My buildings. My overview.

You are responsible for a building and take care of facilities and tenants. The smart app combines alarms and tenant reports.

More than alarms

You are responsible for a building and take care of facilities and tenants. The smart app combines alarms and tenant reports.

Real-time. Guaranteed.

Find out what’s going on and where. Push notifications keep you up-to-date. In real-time. Guaranteed.

If it doesn’t work, it’s still working

Avelon sends push notifications via its own channels. If your phone is unavailable, we’ll try Apple and Google services. If these do not work, we send a text message via SMS.

Features, features, features

Alerting can be challenging. Sophisticated user and time management, emergency alarms, automatic alarm processing, collective alarms, etc. Avelon can handle all that.

Dashboards for real estate and portfolios

Configure your dashboards according to your needs. Combine ticket lists, maps and statistics. This way you can keep track of individual properties or entire portfolios with ease.

Extensive analysis functions

Every intervention on site costs money. More so on weekends. Which alarms came in how often? What was their cause? How long did the processing take? Avelon can answer all of these questions.

Integration made easy

The Avelon Beetle integrates all systems through standard protocols. Extensive testing tools and the intuitive web interface allow for easy integration of fire alarm systems, building automation, meter systems, etc.

Standard protocols (excerpt)

  • ESPA
  • BACnet/IP
  • Modbus RTU, Modbus TCP
  • M-Bus
  • email (any format)

The alarm transmission is monitored and encrypted for all protocols.

Many features

Basic system capabilities:

  • Alert an unlimited number of subscribers
  • Plain text transmission
  • Include alarm instruction texts and documents
  • Acknowledge by SMS, web interface or app
  • Log with full text search
  • Personnel deployment management, public holidays
  • Internal watchdogs
  • Self-monitoring
  • Escalation loops in case of pending or missing reactions
  • Alarm suppression via control system
  • Alarm suppression via local switchover by manual switch
  • Alarm shower suppression
  • Priority upgrade in case of missing acknowledgements
  • Common alarm formation
  • Event hooks on reoccurring alarms
  • Alarm processing depending on events
  • Close alarms depending on the trigger value
  • Support of BACnet acknowledgements down to the controller
  • Notify observers
  • Automatic creation of PDF reports
  • Alarm analysis and statistics
  • Most frequent alarms and their processing time
  • Group alarms by filtering alarm sources

For even more security:

  • Server cluster with multiple instances
  • Complete escalation even in case of abrupt failure of a single instance
  • Local emergency alarm
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