More performance and precision through digitization

Every building is unique. Every mandate too. But basic services are the same. Avelon digitizes basic services and offers more control and precision.

The service charge settlement becomes transparent and understandable

Tenants dispute their service charge statements and you cannot estimate whether the figures are correct? Stop flying blind. Avelon offers transparency and clarity. All that is needed are precise, reliable meter data – either yearly or monthly.

Billing with precise data

Avelon takes meter measurements by the middle and end of the month. Thus, meter readings are precise even when tenants change.

Automatic analysis

Avelon automatically analyzes the measurement data. Deviations and errors are made visible.

Allocation and shares

Avelon calculates transport losses based on the meter network. Avelon generates the consumption-dependent heating cost accounting according to the Swiss Code of Obligations within seconds.

ERP interfaces

You export your tenant index from your ERP to Avelon and get the completed consumption-based invoices back.

Be sure what you charge for.

Is my settlement correct? Avelon does not conceal, but calculates what has to be accounted for. As a property manager, you are sure how the service charge distribution was calculated and what you are charging.

Services for business tenants

Your business tenants need to know their media consumption of their shopping centre or rental space? Simply make them available to them – with Avelon.