The control system. Impressive. Precise.

You’ll be thrilled. Use the fast HTML5 control system Avelon Operate on your smartphone, tablet or PC. You see live data and can set new parameters. The responsive design helps you navigate on small displays: Simply tap, zoom and swipe through your schematics.

Your cockpit.
The essential at a glance.

Yes, it is possible: The cockpit of Avelon Operate displays your schematics, alarm statistics, energy performance and other widgets in one central place. Your customers will be delighted: Every piece of information is right at their fingertips.

Choose your starting point

Every image, dashboard and widget has its own URL. Bookmark any of them to quickly jump to any part of Avelon.

All platforms

Smartphone, tablet or PC – you can operate the system with your fingertips. Avelon Operate adapts perfectly to your device. Let your browser remember your password for even quicker access.

Supports most protocols

Combine one or more communication protocols such as BACnet/IP, Modbus RTU, Modbus TCP or M-Bus in a single schematic. Avelon adapts the user interface to what the protocols provide.

Quickly create a trend?

Do you want to quickly create a chart or combine values from different sources? You want to see historical data and live readings at the same time? One click and the ad-hoc charts will show your values in seconds.

HTML5 and certified BACnet. This is Avelon

You can count on Avelon Operate. It’s a BTL-certified* and listed control system – possibly the first certified and completely HTML5-based control system.

The complete engineering process is supported in your browser – import your devices and data points, create and manipulate schematics and control your entire facility.

* BACnet Testing Laboratories

CAD in your browser - almost.

Quickly create or adapt a schematic? Switch to edit mode and create schematics in your browser. Add shapes, connect them dynamically and place data points with drag&drop. It even works on touch screens.

Extensive shape library
Dynamic connections
Grid and alignment aids
Typed connections
Don’t draw. Let it draw.

You don’t feel like drawing yourself? Use Avelon Operate’s BIM support* and you’re almost done. Avelon Operate automatically creates shapes for your components and assigns the appropriate data points.

* Building Information Modeling

Data point exchange

Copy schematics and replace the data points using filter functions.

Automatic assignment

Automatically assigns data points – on new schematics as well as existing ones.

Templates and inheritance

Apply templates. Changes are inherited.

Quality management included

How many data points are there on your schematics? Which ones are missing or have been wrongly assigned?

Use Avelon Operate’s BIM support* and the control system will create a report for you, evaluating the quality of your schematics. This helps you achieve high-quality visualizations. Your customers will be delighted.

* Building Information Modeling

The shape editor.
Everything is possible.

Do you have specific ideas about what your shapes should look like and how they should behave?

The shape editor is made for you: Import your SVG elements* and animate them. The integrated shape simulator helps you check the dynamic animations.

* Scalable Vector Graphics

All protocols

The shape editor supports almost any communications protocol simultaneously.

Connected elements

Data points such as setpoints can be created automatically.

High integration depth

No specifications during PLC programming required. Use the shape editor to map everything.