Energy management, faster and richer than ever

Avelon energy management is all you need.

Unmatched speed

You can set up complex analyses in just a few seconds. Your charts will load quickly, even with thousands of measurements.

Limitless layouts

Assemble your views flexibly.

Use Avelon dashboards to design your pages the way you want. Emphasize what is important to you and your client. Build your own custom dashboards from a big collection of widgets.

Do you want to access your energy analyses on a tablet or smartphone? No problem with Avelon. Your dashboards and widgets adapt to any screen through their responsive layout.

Use this design...

…or this

Design once and keep re-using

You want to use the same dashboards across multiple buildings? It’s very simple: Configure dashboards to be automatically cloned to each new building.

Dashboards with inheritance: If you want to add another widget to all of your existing dashboards, you only have to place it once. All inherited dashboards will adapt accordingly.

Rich collection of widgets

Tap into our extensive collection of energy management widgets to create a professional cockpit for your energy analyses.

Combine what you want to combine

There are no limits to the combinations of plots: You can combine any chart type, create multiple axes and even stack mutliple plots.

With a wide range of graphics functions such as transparency, line width and markers, you can set new standards with your plots.

Trending, curve fit? Nothing could be easier.

Do you want to visualize trendlines that interpolate your measurement data? Nothing could be easier. Powerful curve-fitting options such as linear, piecewise linear, polynomial, exponential or logarithmic interpolation can be configured with just a few clicks. The individual parameters of the resulting calculation can be displayed next to the chart.

If you want to calculate...

… use Avelon’s formula editor to graphically create your calculations. No matter if KPI, COP, CO2-equivalent or any other calculation: You arrange the necessary elements and create your mathematical formula completely visually.

There is a big selection of pre-defined mathematical shapes available. For more complex calculations you can define your own formula with freely definable inputs.

CSV upload

Upload historical and current data in a simple exchange format

SFTP/FTP download

Automatic download and import of measurements to Avelon via FTP and SFTP

Manual readings

You can manually enter the current meter readings via app

Automatic data acquisition

Avelon digitally collects all the necessary data for you

Correct readout

Even here Avelon makes everyday life easier: Avelon Meters can recognize meters by QR code if you do not want to search for them manually. The new meter readings are checked for plausibility before they are added. When your tour is finished and you are connected to the Internet again, simply upload the data to Avelon.