Breathtaking online presentations

Publish your dashboards everywhere with the Avelon presentation widget. Your content will automatically adjust itself to the size and orientation of the display.

Export a link and let Avelon take care of the rest. Avelon’s online presentations will update automatically. Your contents make an impression.

How do I get meaningful, amazing reports?

Avelon Reporting is for you. Use our add-ins for Microsoft Office to create professional reports with the tools you already know. It couldn’t be easier or faster.

Present your reports online... Word

…in Excel

...or in PowerPoint

Full support

Take advantage of the performance of Microsoft Office.

Dynamic calculations

Maximum performance for calculations. Data series may vary in length.

Access data individually

Each variable is available separately

Rich formatting

Supports any table layout


Switch between design mode and output mode

Output format freely selectable

Same file format as the template, or PDF

Your report - your design. Professional and fast.

Use your own templates to create reports for your customers.

Automatic reporting

Upload your reports from Avelon Reporting for Office with one click and create a reporting job. Avelon will then fill your template with the latest values and can automatically send them to recipients by email. Of course, you can view all of the generated reports in Avelon’s document management.

Your online reports - up-to-date and trendy.

Create your individual presentations and publish them online with a single click. If you want to display them on a public screen, all you need is a browser with Internet access.

Everything always up-to-date

Use all of Avelon’s widgets. Combine historical and live data.

Pure HTML5

Your slideshows are pure HTML5, including animations and transitions.

Simple configuration

Convert any dashboard into a slideshow.