Working as if on-site. Simple. Secure.

You’ve got access to all the assets you need.

Establish a secure connection to the remote network with just two clicks. You can access network devices via TCP and UDP directly.

With Avelon Connect you always stay on top of things.

Avelon Connect is your plant manager

Avelon Connect shows you all the assets to which you have remote access.

Select a plant and connect to it immediately. You get full access to the remote network.

You can access remote devices from your local network via TCP and UDP. The resources you need often can be added to a list of favorites.

Users and authorizations. Clearly arranged. Simple.

Control who has access to the assets.

You decide who has access to the facility. No matter whether individual users or entire user groups – access management is straightforward.

If your clients want to control access themselves.

Use the Beetle to configure the time windows for remote access. Your customer can also disable remote access completely or establish connection for a limited time.

Remote access yes, but… only for the next 4 hours, only during the week, or always on Mondays? You or your customer can schedule when remote access is enabled. And if ICT wants to get in control, Beetle provide all the necessary tools.

Encryption. Everywhere.

All data transmission is encrypted – from end to end.

Local network devices

No isolation – other local network resources remain accessible.


All requests are logged.