Any IoT device with AR/HTML5?

What a week it’s been. Friday 19th we have published an IoT-teaser at the WorldWebForum. If you play a role in a meeting like this one with 1500 attendees from 25 different countries, it’s pretty sure that you’re working hard for a very cool show-off. So did we.

What has happened so far?

Wienke Giezeman of The Things Network has published a nice video that underlines my IoT article. In the meantime, many fellows have contacted me to ask where to buy, how to augment reality and so on.

Prototype: Bread is no longer stupid

Having chatted for hours, I realize that we could help increase the acceptance/sale of IoT devices by enabling “any” product. Additionally, some more features like interactive charts, battery info, etc. shall be in it.

And that’s why we knocked together a (paper) prototype. Maybe the use case could be more intelligent, but I think you’ll get the point.

What’s your opinion on adding AR to any device?

Is it just another piece of software the world does not need? Or is the new UI boosting your applications?

Share your thoughts and leave your comments. Looking forward.