Build your projects faster than the competition

Use Alcedo’s capabilities to quickly build your assets.

40% faster work through smart engineering

Many practical functions simplify and speed up plant installation. Alcedo’s quality management features give you an edge over your competition.

Create schematics more quickly

BIM for automation: Alcedo detects data points, creates shapes and dynamizations automatically. Built-in quality management saves time by checking data point assignments and generates a quality reporting accordingly.

Engineer throughout

Benefit from a fast end-to-end engineering process in Alcedo. Use data points of any communication protocol and visualize it any way you want.

Extensive, free libraries

Alcedo’s SVG libraries are extensive. If something is missing, you are free to create new shapes yourself. Use powerful animation rules to control every detail of your schematics.

Full mobility - more customer satisfaction

Your customers will be delighted: Alcedo is a powerful system that integrates alerting, mobility and energy management. It’s all available in HTML5, making it more flexible to use on various types of devices.