Tailor-made solutions for real estate and facilities since 2001
Passion and quality is our motivation

Elegant simplicity that is powerful and hides the real complexity. Our systems are easy to use and versatile in application. We work with a lot of commitment, passion and motivation for well thought-out, future-oriented solutions for real estate and facilities.

Always in favour of digitizing the property

Two years after its foundation, Avelon was awarded the Swiss Technology Award in 2003, and Avelon was named Energy Project of the Year by the Swiss Federal Office of Energy (BfE). Since then, many well-known companies have relied on our solutions – in Switzerland and other countries.

Management Board
Dr. Markus Bösiger

Legal and Risk Management

Leo Putz


Prof. Thomas Schmitt


The best idea wins

Everyone in our team has one vote that counts equally. The best idea wins whoever had it. We are in a friendly competition. It is the foundation of developing conceptually and technically convincing solutions.

Professional and agile

Innovative people are fast. Avelon invests heavily in unit testing, automated testing, integration testing and in creating pilot platforms for our customers. Each piece of software code is tested automatically before it reaches the next level. This enables us to react quickly and to implement new request promptly and professionally.


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