Shared economy. Shared costs. High security.

Save infrastructure costs and professionalize services with Avelon Cloud. If the connection to the Internet should fail, the control system is available on site – on the Avelon Tablets.

The only thing you need is a Beetle

Integrate a Beetle (LAN/3G) and your systems go online. Connect meters, automation stations or other devices via network or the local connections of your Beetle. Check the function via tablet, PC or smartphone. The rest can also be done remotely. Your systems go online so easily and quickly.

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Sign up and get started

In just a few seconds you’ll see your new dashboards and can access your remote devices. With Avelon you get results quickly. Avelon Cloud offers the same features as the Avelon In-House servers. Benefit from high scalability, automatic updates and system maintenance.

Fully modular

Decide which services you need. You can expand at any time.

Systempflege, neue Features

We are constantly developing Avelon further. You are getting more and more features. Also take over the complete system maintenance for you. We also constantly update your Beetles on site.

Profitable solution

Only a Beetle is required on site – rely on the power of our data centers. It couldn’t be more profitable.

Secured and monitored

Avelon monitors the Internet connections to the Beetle and your plants. In case of failure you will receive an alarm.

Where is your data located?

Avelon Cloud is located in two data centers in and around Zurich. The systems in the data centers are mirrored. Dedicated servers perform special tasks such as alerting, energy reporting, encryption and access control, push notifications, SMS gateways, etc.

Online without Internet

You want an emergency control level that works without an Internet connection? A tablet and our app make it possible. The schematics are loaded from the server and saved locally. The app acquires all live values directly from the local controllers.

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Tailored to your application

Whether small or large – you only choose the features you need. Start small and add packages as your project grows. It’s all connected to Avelon. New packages, additional features and their settings can be configured in the browser.

Price plan
“Real Estate”

For real estate management: fixed prices per apartment and square metre of commercial space.

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Price plan
“Data Points”

For plant engineering: data point packages and flat rates.

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