The full power on site.

Do you want the same performance on the local network? Use a hardware server or simply activate a virtual machine. Avelon fits seamlessly into the existing infrastructure.

Register and get started

In a few seconds you’ll be at your new dashboards or online on your assets. With Avelon you get results quickly. Avelon Cloud offers you the full functionality of Avelon in-house servers. Benefit from high scalability, automatic updates and regular system maintenance.

Hardware server

You can start your project right away. Use the turnkey servers configured according to your needs.

Virtual Machines

Your customer is already running server virtualization on his infrastructure? Then use Avelon as a virtual container. Your customer seamlessly integrates the new virtual machine into his server farm.

Configure your system individually.

You just pick up the performance you need from Avelon. Select the package sizes based on the performance range you want to meet. Use the flexible datapoint packages to scale the system according to the plant.

Scale the services you need.
Avelon Inhouse Single Server

All you need is a server system (hardware or virtual machine) running all services.

Avelon Inhouse Private Cloud

Avelon consists of independent, distributed microservices. Multiple instances work in parallel on different servers and synchronize with oneanother. The system is highly redundant and very robust.

Your system is not obsolete.

We produce at a high rate. Each year, 4-6 new major releases are released, bringing more speed, robustness and new features that benefit your customer. Your customer enjoys your project more – and it doesn’t become obsolete.