One tablet. One app. No effort.

You need an emergency control panel? Avelon Operate Local transforms a tablet into a BACnet device: The app downloads plant images from the control system and communicates directly with the PLC via BACnet.

And best of all: There is no difference between the visualization on the control system and the tablet. So you’re always independent, even with the cloud system.


Engineer once. Use twice.

You don’t feel like engineering your schematics twice – once for your control system and once for the local control panel? You don’t have to. Avelon Operate Local turns your tablet into a control system. With Avelon you can manage the tablets and access rights and determine which schematics should be exported to the tablet.

Kiosk mode

The tablet is locked to Avelon Operate Local. Users don’t have access to any other app.

Automatic data download

Your schematics or settings have changed? The tablets automatically download the new data.

Analysis features

Is something not working? The debugging interface may help.

Connect it via LAN...
...or via Wi-Fi
Touch sensitivity

Adjust the touch sensitivity of the tablet to your needs.

Automatic update

Avelon Operate Local is constantly being improved. The app is kept up-to-date automatically.

Isolation with access protection

Mechanical access protection: In addition to the kiosk mode, the tablet is protected by a special metal casing.