Alcedo 7.10 Release Notes

Clear alarms on the controller via ticket acknowledgment

Alarms on the controller can now be turned off as soon as the alarm ticket is acknowledged by someone in the alarm chain. A dedicated data point is assigned to that alarm, with specific values for acknowledgement and reset that are written on the data point and that are recorded in the ticket history.

Data point profiles

You can assign value-to-text substitutions to all data points that do not have a unit. This allows you to attribute a meaning to specific, discrete values, and the text will be displayed everywhere for that data point (on the schematic, for example) instead of its numeric value. This is possible for all protocols, except for BACnet, for which this option is already available natively.

Integrate your Wisely into your own network

You can use your Wisely device outside Alcedo Cloud and transfer it to your own IoT network or application. To do this, you need to have a valid “LoRaWAN self-hosting” license for that device, which you can purchase separately. This will allow access to data like DevEUI, AppEUI and AppKey which you will need to integrate it in your own solution. Once the process is complete, the device is unregistered from the default network provider.

Note: This process is not possible if there is still a “Building Automation” license assigned to the device. Also, the device can’t be transferred back to Alcedo Cloud.