Alcedo 7.8 Release Notes

Alcedo 7.8 Release Notes

Dear users,

Starting with the next release 7.9 of Alcedo, all features will be disabled in the classic Flash user interface, except for energy cost, custom data points and data import/export. Until then it can be reached via All other features have been available in our HTML user interface for some time. If you haven’t done so, please migrate your schematics and charts until June 15, 2019, following the steps below:

To migrate schematics or charts one by one:

  • In the Analysis tab, go to the corresponding view (Schematic or Charts). In the menu above the actual schematic or chart, select Export > Export to Dashboard. The schematic or chart will now be available in the new user interface, with the same name.

To migrate schematics or charts all at once:

  • In the People tab, go to Users and Clients. In the Client menu that appears on the left hand side, select Migrate and then choose the data you want to migrate (charts or schematics). New dashboards will automatically be created in the new user interface, with the same names. Please note that after migration, the Schematic and Charts views will no longer be available in the classic user interface.

What’s new in Alcedo 7.8

New Design of the Group Navigation

▶ See introductory video

Quickly access all your groups and dashboards from anywhere in Alcedo

We have combined the map with the traditional group navigation. You can now use both at the same time to find your dashboard or device. The navigation is always available and no matter where you are in the app, you can easily access your groups, dashboards and the map with a click of a button.


See alarm states directly on the navigation

If one of your data points is in alarm and there’s a ticket for it, the corresponding alarm icon will now appear not only in the group tree, but also on the map. This will help you locate that data point on your dashboards.

New user menu

The one stop shop for accessing settings, user management, device management and document management. Everything in one place.


The new colors of the top bar will help you find your bearings

The color at the top will change depending on the current area you’re in: Dashboards, Navigation, User Management, Device Management, Document Management and Settings.


More supported devices

Wisely CarbonSense

A brand new Wisely device that is monitoring the level of carbon dioxide in the space you live and work. Its integrated LED indicates when the air quality is at a level where opening the windows is recommended and it flashes red when opening the windows is imperative.

Binary 10/4

The new Binary 10/4 covers a lot of use cases where the focus is on status signals, binary alarms or counter impulses. Parameters like triggers, debounce periods and reporting times are adjustable over-the-air during runtime.

Wisely CarbonSense Binary 10/4
wisely-carbonsense binary-10-4

Alcedo 360

The app now allows access to multiple devices at the same time and will remember your previous devices. It also gives you more comprehensive information on measurements.

iot ior ior

Additional improvements

Manage your mailing list subscriptions

On your account details, you can now choose the depth of information you’d like to receive. Choose from Maintenance Notifications, Release Notes and Avelon News. The latter also includes changes to our price list.

Improved visibility and usability of schematic dialogs

On dashboards, the dialog window is larger and easier to read and can be moved around on the screen. It also allows you to perform more actions, such as accessing a faceplate directly from a flyout.

Automatic remote reset of Wisely when the LoRaWAN server changes

If you change the LoRAWAN server of a Wisely, you can now instruct the device to restart itself automatically. Firmware 3.1 is required.

Access a schematic widget from the IoT app

You can now link a schematic widget to your Wisely. An additional icon will be displayed on the IoT app that lets you jump to that particular schematic directly from the IoT app.

Enhanced Wisely LED behavior, depending on measurements

You can now configure the LED of your Wisely to light in different colors, depending on the current measurement. For example, have Wisely warn you with a yellow light if the CO₂ level in a room is too high.