Alcedo 7.9 Release Notes

Alcedo 7.9 Release Notes

What’s new in Alcedo 7.9

Major Changes

Retiring old user interface

Most features have been turned off in the old Flash user interface. Please use the new interface to manage users, alarms, devices, data points and documents or to create energy reports and schematics. Only the following features will be available on the old interface, until they are also ported to the new platform: Custom data points, energy cost and data import/export. To access the classic front-end, go to

User management

Users can now be added, edited or deleted by anyone with the same user role or above, if they are allowed to manage users. Now it’s finally possible for administrators to manage other administrators.

Beetle update

If there’s an update available for your Beetle, it will automatically be displayed on the device tile, in device management. You can start the update on the configuration page of that device at any time.

Internet of Things

Tracy – the flexible energy meter

Tracy is a new LoRaWAN energy meter reader that measures your power consumption as often as every 5 minutes. It helps you implement effective energy-saving measures and creates transparency for your system. What’s more, swapping Tracy meters doesn’t require any additional configuration in most cases.

Binary 10/4 on BACnet

Binary 10/4 inputs are now also available as BACnet objects.

LoRaWAN gateways

If you want to improve the availability of LoRaWAN in your area, you can set up a LoRaWAN gateway yourself. These gateways will be displayed in the device list, just as any other device. Additional configuration information is displayed, such as device EUI, commissioning date, last connection, manufacturer etc.

Improved Alcedo 360

For energy data points, the consumption is displayed instead of the current measurement.

For volatile organic compound (VOC) data points, the measured value is now complemented with a textual representation that is easier to understand. The VOC quality scale is explained in detail when you tap on the VOC data point.

Additional Features

Use regular expression to display text in shapes

We introduce a new shape action that lets you transform textual data point properties (like system names etc.) when displaying them on a shape using regular expressions. This allows you to display only specific fragments of a system name instead of the entire string.

Minimum/maximum values for Modbus data points

If you’re a system administrator, you can set a lower and an upper bound for Modbus data points so that values entered via Alcedo cannot exceed these limits. This prevents accidental modifications of data point values by another user without sufficient rights. However, the limits are checked only if the values are changed via the schematic and can still be overwritten via the controller directly.

Modbus present value offset

When configuring Modbus data points, you can now provide an offset and the final value will be calculated accordingly. If you don’t know the offset and the multiplier, you can specify two values on the linear plot and they will be automatically calculated for you.