IoT teaser sensor with comfort indicator and AR released

IoT teaser sensor with comfort indicator and AR released

Great news from the World Web Forum Zurich: We have released our first IoT device using LoRaWAN, and the feedback was incredible. Instead of the 40 devices that we originally wanted to hand out to participants of the conference, we gave away all of the 100 demo devices that we produced in the first batch.

Just scan the QR code on the front of the device and see how comfortable it is – with a sprinkle of augmented reality. The app runs in any browser, so you don’t have to install any apps. The sensor communicates via LoRaWAN with The Things Network. Coverage is great here at Zurich, and the network is available in other cities around the globe, too. In Switzerland, national telecommunication provider Swisscom also offers their own LoRaWAN network. The range is up to 7 kilometers.

And yes, if you want to check it out yourself: Just scan the QR code from one of the images below. Have fun! The experience is even better with a real Wisely device in your hands!

You may also want to watch Wienke’s Video for a cool summary of it all.

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