IoT-Teaser with AR indicating your comfort unleashed

IoT-Teaser with AR indicating your comfort unleashed

Great news at the #Worldwebforum, Zurich: we have unleashed our first #IoT device using #LoRaWAN. The feedback was incredible. We have planned to release 40 devices max. at the IoT vertical. Word spread fast. We have run out of devices. All 100 devices went to the crowd.

Just scan the QR-code and you see – using a little bit of augmented reality – how comfortable it is. No app – just HTML5. How the comfort sensor communicates? It’s attached to #TheThingsNetwork. There is great coverage at Zurich and other cities around the globe. Here in Switzerland, you can join with #Swisscom LPN, too. The range is up to 6 or 7 km.

And yes, if you want to check out yourself: Just scan the QR code from one of the images. Have fun! (In real 3D – so physically – the experience is even better!)

You may choose to watch Wienke’s Video. That’s the cool summary of it all.

If you’re seeking for more information about its future, get registered in our IoT mailing list here. Hope we’ll have it in English soon.