Alcedo Inhouse

Server Systems and private clouds

For all industries that require isolated systems and critical infrastructure that relies on highly available private clouds.

Avelon Building Cybernetics is available in any configuration you want – even as a compartmentalized VM, as a hardware system or as a highly available private cloud.

Your CISO and your IT will be happy: the Alcedo Inhouse systems adapt to your requirements. Building Cybernetics opens up new degrees of freedom. The same services run locally, in the corporate network or together with the public cloud.

Stand-alone server

Alcedo Inhouse is the name of the virtual machine or hardware server running Avelon Building Cybernetics on your network.

High-availability server clusters

Your industry needs a highly available hardware and software solution in your data center. Avelon delivers complete solutions

Private Cloud

Relieve your IT from operations. Avelon DevOps hosts your private cloud on highly available hardware, isolated from the Internet.

Stand-alone server

Real hardware. Virtualized.

Ready-to-use hardware servers with a virtualization environment host an Alcedo in-house VM. This makes hardware replacement a pleasure.

Alcedo Inhouse on virtual machine(s)

Operate Alcedo in-house in your data center. Avelon provides you with ready-to-run virtual machines.

Anzahl 1 VM 2 VMs 3 VMs

VM: Produktiv-System, virtueller Beetle und Datenbank

VM 1: Produktiv-System, virtueller Beetle

VM 2: Datenbank

VM 1: Produktiv-System, virtueller Beetle

VM 2: Datenbank

VM 3: Staging-System, virtueller Beetle

Systeme mit grösserem Datenbanken
Anspruchsvolle Umgebungen
Wesentlicher Vorteil
Virtualisierung erlaubt ein einfaches Austauschen der Hardware
Getrennte Datenbank ermöglich schnellen Ersatz Produkt-VM und kurze Ausfallzeiten im Havariefall
Das Staging-System ermöglicht Verifikation eines neuen Releases vor produktivem Einsatz

High-availability server clusters

Avelon delivers a highly available modern server system with redundant hardware. Any hardware failure remains uncritical.

Private clouds for critical infrastructure

Avelon operates the customer’s virtual machines in a compartmentalized environment. Encryption and networks are determined by the customer.

System care by the manufacturer

Hardened according to standards

Avelon systems are hardened according to internationally recognized standards. This is also a contribution to safety and resistance.

Always up to date

Systems maintained by Avelon do not become obsolete. Your system remains at the current technical level.

We take on responsibility

Alcedo DevOps takes the responsibility for updates and guarantees the functioning afterwards.

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