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LoRaWAN/LPWAN technology

What is the secret behind LPWAN?

High range, but low transmission power, and a standard battery with long running time. Too good to be true? It works, though!

Smart network protocols

Wisely uses Long Range Wide Area Network (LoRaWAN), a protocol for Low Power Networks (LPWAN). LoRaWAN achieves its high efficiency in energy and data transmission by frequency spreading and adaptation of data transfer rates.

The frequency spread transmits signals with constant frequency variation in the band between 863 and 870 MHz. In this way it minimizes interference in the same frequency range. The adaptive data rate (ADR) adjusts the data rate so that, with good reception, faster data transmission is possible with even less energy consumption.

The ranges go from 2 km (urban area) to 15 km (suburbs) up to 40 km (free lines of sight). Another major advantage is the penetration of buildings, since underground placed can be covered to a certain extent, too.

Only 10% of the transmission power of a mobile phone

Operating with as little transmitting power and on as low frequencies as a garage door opener, Wisely transmits across buildings and miles beyond. But most of its time Wisely measures or is in sleep mode. It transmits for a maximum of 3 seconds every hour. This also means that the battery life can be as long as 5 years, which is maximally sustainable.

That’s what LoRaWAN technology can do

It sounds almost too good to be true. Modern low-power technologies make it possible to go very far with very little energy.


Sends only when required

Wisely only sends when it’s necessary, e.g. to regularly check the connection, or to send the data if a measured value has changed significantly.

Records only what’s useful

Wisely for Building Automation (BA) has an adjustable COV (change of value). Recording only takes place when values deviate by a preset difference. So Wisely only records and transfers useful data.

Local alarm monitoring

Wisely for Building Automation (BA) monitors its measurement data autonomously. If a measured value is outside of the limit values, Wisely alarms immediately.

Network coverage

Like a smartphone, the Wisely IoT room sensors connect to local radio gateways. You can choose a carrier, trust your neighbor or set up a gateway yourself.

Adjustments at run time

Changes in the configuration are stored temporarily. As soon as Wisely sends data, 2 short radio messages are used to upload the changes.


Wisely achieves its long battery life through its micro and nanoampere technology, but also by transmitting only on demand. Wisley does not transmit 99.97% of the time.


Wisely integrates seamlessly with other networks. Together with the Beetle, Wiselys integrate completely autonomously into building automation through standard protocols.

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