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Avelon Cloud in your own network – this is Alcedo Inhouse. Where isolated networks without an internet connection are required, the stand-alone server system is the reliable choice.

The Avelon Beetle integrates all systems with standard protocols. Connect meters, automation stations or other devices via the network or local connections.

Avelon Binary 10/4 is a fault indicator. With its status signals, binary alarms or pulse couters, it is suitable for monitoring small systems. Simply scan the QR code and it is ready for use.

Avelon Wisely seamlessly records selected parameters and measures room temperature, humidity and air quality. Simply scan the QR Code and it is ready for use.

Avelon ThermoSense uses separately connected sensors to seamlessly record temperature trends. With its high temperature range it is suitable for operational applications. Simply scan the QR code and it is ready for use.

With its conductivity measurement, Avelon LeakSense is used for reliable leakage monitoring. It is ideal for industrial applications. Simply scan the QR code and it is ready for use.

IoT license extensions

If you are already using IoT devices from Avelon, you can easily purchase license extensions to increase their functionality. Simply select the license volume that fits your device. A separate license is required for each device.


Wisely Standard
ThermoSense Outdoor
ThermoSense Frigo


Wisely CarbonSense
ThermoSense OneWire
ThermoSense Pt1000


Wisely AllSense
Binary 10/4

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