The secure control system in the cloud.

Avelon Cloud takes your properties and your IoT devices to cloud nine.

Manage your building management system, your energy management, your service charge settlement and your IoT devices in the secure cloud in a modern and sustainable way.

Modern management control system.

You can start with your project right away. Take advantage of the fast connection and processing.

Local was yesterday

All services can be accessed from anywhere via browser. No matter what, you are ready.

Select the services you need


More flexibility, a modern platform, easy operation – manage alarm scenarios as easily as scheduling your daily meetings.


Runs on any platform with HTML5. Operate combines control system and energy management.

Energy Management

High-end energy management that creates transparency and shows optimization potential.

Energy Reporting

Stunning, professional reports with Avelon Energy Reporting in Office.

Never out of date

Innovation at a fast pace: 4 new major versions are usually released every year, bringing more speed, reliability and new features. Enjoy your project, it will always be up to date.

Contact us without obligation

We are happy to assist you and advise you about all possibilities with Alcedo Inhouse.

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