Avelon 5.25 release notes

Individual Device and data point access

Access to individual devices can now be configured via user groups. This allows you to give access to devices to specific groups of users.

Remote access via Avelon Connect can be granted via the new action right “Remote access to devices via Avelon Connect”, which requires an “Avelon Connect (Remote Access)” license on the respective devices.


Data exchange via public API

Data point measurements can now be exported as a JSON file to an external URL, or they can by imported by posting JSON data to our public API.


Improvements in Avelon Meters

Avelon Meters unterstützt jetzt mehrere Kunden, und Liegenschaften und Gebäude werden in der App angezeigt, damit Sie leichter zwischen Ihren Zählern navigieren können.

If you want a data point to appear in Avelon Meters, you can now simply enable the option “Display in Avelon Meters” on the data point details page.


The new Swiss Data Protection Act (nDSG) takes effect on September 1 of this year. It replaces the DSG from the 90s and is based on the GDPR/DSGVO of the European Union. We take this opportunity to revise our cloud terms of use. Some things are new and many things stay the same. Of course, your data still belongs only to you.

You can find the terms of use by clicking on your user name at the top right, then click on your user name in the menu, and click on the Terms of Use button on the Terms of Use card.

Bug fixes and improvements

  • Plots can be temporarily hidden by clicking on their respective label in the chart legend.
  • BACnet calendar objects can now be edited with our visual calendar editor, similar to schedules.
  • On the data point list, the number of available and selected data points is shown in the toolbar.
  • The contents of the ad-hoc chart in the Schematic widget can now be converted to a regular Chart widget.
  • The selected time interval on the data point measurements view is now persisted when switching between data points until the user logs out.
  • Notes and data point profiles can now be edited in bulk on multiple data points at once.

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