Avelon 7.19 release notes

QR codes for dashboards and schematics

Print a QR code for your dashboards or schematics that allows you open that particular page when you scan the code with a mobile device.

GNSS tracking

Supported GNSS trackers can now be displayed on the new GNSS tracking widget. See where the devices are currently located, show their movement in the past, and set up an alarm to make sure you’ll get notified when they leave a designated area.

IoT parking lot sensor

The battery-powered IoT parking lot sensor is the best solution for monitoring the usage of your parking lots. You can even use calculated data points to determine the total number of free visitor or employee parking lots.

Select forecast location for TABS

Instead of configuring a manual CSV download of weather forecast data for the TABS service, you can now simply select the appropriate weather station from a list, and Avelon will take care of the rest.

Data point tags

Create and attach tags to your data points so you can group and filter them according to these tags.

BACnet calendar synchronization and improved editing

BACnet calendar objects can be linked to a master calendar, enabling Avelon to automatically push entries from the master calendar to all the linked calendars and thus keep all calendars synchronized.

Also, BACnet calendar objects can now be edited as easily as schedules directly from the schematic with a dedicated visual editor.

Improved login mechanism

In an ongoing effort to improve security, we’ve integrated a new authentication and authorization mechanism. You might notice that the login process has changed slightly.

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