Avelon 7.26 release notes

Introducing more flexible user rights for mandates

In this version, we enhanced the flexibility of action rights for the use case where users need to access external clients or subsidiaries. If users from your company need to get access to subsidiaries, it is now possible to grant them more rights on these clients than they would normally have on their regular company account. This allows them to provide support and perform administrative tasks on the external client, even if they don’t have administrative rights in their main account.

Learn more about it in the user manual.

Set up an absence on Avelon Heads-up! quickly

If you need to attend a meeting, go on vacation or are unable to respond to your alarms for some other reason, you can change your availability status directly in the app. Simply add a temporary absence. Tap on the Absence icon at the top right and select how long you are going to be away. During your absence, you won’t receive any push notifications. Instead, the next user in the alarm chain will be notified immediately.

ThermoValve improvements

Use set point temperature from other external sensors

Until now it was only possible for ThermoValve to use the temperature data point from Wisely devices as an alternative source of their room temperature. In this version, you can also assign custom LoRa devices to provide the ambient temperature. The system will automatically detect the correct data point if its key in the corresponding IoT profile is set to “temperature”. This coupling will also work inside a building without an Internet connection.

BACnet schedule for added convenience

If a ThermoValve with Building Automation is assigned to a Beetle via BACnet (by creating surrogate BACnet objects), a BACnet schedule will be set up automatically, in which the ThermoValve set point value is referenced. Place this schedule data point on a schematic to let users configure set points, dates and times with ease.

New energy data imports from utilities

We support new data import formats to import data from utilities, electric plants and other media supply companies:

  • SDAT-CH (standardized exchange of metering data between market partners in the Swiss electricity supply system based on the European ebiX format)
  • MSCONS (electrical message format for standardized transmission for load profile data and meter data based on the EDIFACT standard)
  • IWB (proprietary format from the city of Basel)
  • Solar21 (proprietary format)

New data exchange options

In addition to FTP and SFTP, we also support FTPS, and we improved the user interface to make it easier to select the appropriate data format and data source.

Notes for devices and data imports/exports

It is now possible to add notes to your devices. These notes can contain arbitrary information that you want to make available to anyone who has access to the configuration page of the device.

Notes are also supported on data imports and exports. You may want to store additional information about the content of the file, its scope, or who is responsible for it.

All system alarms in one place

System alarms can now be configured in a central place under SettingsNotificationsSystem Alarms. We currently support the following notifications depending on the system:

  • Low disk space (only on Alcedo Inhouse systems)
  • Expiring TLS/SSL certificate (only on Alcedo Inhouse systems)
  • Issues related to data imports and exports

Bug fixes and improvements

  • Connection types can no longer be deleted if they’re used on a Schematic widget.
  • BACnet object types 32 (Access Credential), 34 (Access Rights), 35 (Access User) and 36 (Access Zone) can now be reconciled from a Beetle.
  • We added support for ELSYS ERS2 and EMS2 Desk, two LoRaWAN-based temperature, humidity, light and motion (PIR) sensors.
  • When an alarm triggers an alarm chain, it can call an external URL to forward the event to another system. Please contact Avelon if you’re interested in using this feature.

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