Avelon 7.28 Release Notes

Important changes to user accounts and logins

Important changes to user accounts and logins

Starting in version 7.28, we’re transitioning to an email address login where users use their email address as their username. There will be a transition period before we enforce this new policy on all users.

We recommend you make the switch today. Go to your user profile and follow the instructions on the Login card, or read our guide in the user manual.

Users that are synchronized from an external directory (like AD, LDAP, Entra ID, OKTA, etc.) are not affected by this change.

New password requirements

We have made the complexity requirements for passwords more stringent by following the recommendations of the CIS. New passwords must be at least 14 characters long and they must contain at least one lowercase character, one non-alphanumeric character and one digit.

Lumina Operation Center

Turn your visualizations from Avelon Cloud into a local operation station.

Alcedo Inhouse systems are sometimes preferred over Avelon Cloud for small systems to enable local visualization and system control even without an Internet connection. The new autonomous Lumina Operation Center is an alternative solution that bridges the gap between the two worlds.

Lumina Operation Center downloads visualizations from Avelon Cloud and acts as a local operation station. It communicates directly with the automation stations, acquires measurements from them, and maintains the list of alarms independently of the cloud. Trends can be displayed locally up to one year in the past. The stand-alone device logs local operations and transmits them to Avelon Cloud when the device reconnects to the Internet. It also regularly synchronizes any changes you make to your schematics on the cloud if the device is connected to the Internet, so that your local visualizations are always up-to-date.

Improved charts on schematics

We’ve improved the charts on schematics to support some features of the regular chart widgets:

  • The extended time selection lets you select any time interval more easily.
  • Toggle between raw values and consumption values.
  • load the chart as an image or a list of measurements.
  • Show or hide the legend and click items on the legend to temporarily show or hide individual plots.

As before, temporary charts from the schematic can be convert to regular chart widgets if needed.

Billing address

Customers with paid licenses are requested to provide a billing address if they haven’t already done so. Changes in billing addresses will be reviewed by our accounting team.

If you want to cancel your paid licenses, please get in touch with Avelon support. You can check your current licenses under SettingsBilling (for general licenses) and on the device configuration page (for device-specific licenses).

Bug fixes and improvements

  • The web interface is now available in Czech.
  • We added two new columns to the ticket list, Data Point Label and System Name.
  • We added a new action right “Edit measurements (Avelon Meters only)” that allows users to add measurement values only to those data points that have the option “Display in Avelon Meters” enabled. Measurements can be added either in the Avelon Meters mobile app or on the web interface.
  • The default value of a BACnet schedule is now always displayed if there’s no specific value set.
  • When filtering real estates in ESG/media reporting, an icon next to each list item will now indicate if the item contains elements that are currently invisible due to the filter criteria.
  • ThermoValve devices now report their energy harvesting balance (= average generated current – average consumed current) via an additional data point. The new data point is now available on all ThermoValve devices, including existing ones.

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