Avelon Cloud

Global and local

Ensure the function even without cloud and internet? Avelon provides the answer.

Avelon Building Cybernetics is what you want: Cloud, compartmentalized in-house system or private cloud.

The microservice architecture of Avelon Building Cybernetics opens up new degrees of freedom. With Avelon, plants and buildings work autonomously even without a cloud and internet.

Specialized to your industry

Avelon specializes in the building and utilities industry. You rely on expertise from your industry.

Optimized quality and risk control

Avelon Building Cybernetics brings you cascaded quality gates that ensure data quality and integrity

Resilience and scaling

With the Avelon architecture, buildings and facilities function even without the Internet. You can scale during operation.

The best of two worlds

Edge computing for local services

Building cybernetics is also part of the automation layer. Edge devices acquire live data, monitor alarms and record. They convert other protocols, network plants and also function without the Internet.

The cloud - professional services and maintenance over the life cycle

Avelon Cloud catapults buildings into a professional era. Avelon takes care of security and maintenance over the Live Cycle.
Avelon Cloud makes operations more affordable and professional.

The Panel Server - combines the best of worlds

Why not combine advantages of cloud and in-house? With Avelon Panel Servers, Avelon Cloud works without the Internet - because the cloud is mapped locally.

Collaborate in ecosystems

Avelon Cloud seamlessly integrates your system world and opens up a new universe.

With Building Cybernetics, you realize the workflow you have long imagined.

Seamless integration in your system world

Building Cybernetics seamlessly integrates and connects systems across a wide variety of digital methods.

Flexible and clear license model

Avelon's licensing model is modular and flexible. It adapts to any project goal and any property.

New features during runtime

Every quarter Avelon releases a new version. Installed devices on site also benefit from new features.

The service packages for Avelon Cloud and Alcedo Inhouse


Building management and automation

Energy Management

Energy management according to ISO 50001

ESG Reporting

Sustainability reporting can be easy

Global services from certified data centers

Optimal performance in secure locations. The Avelon Cloud is located in certified data centers in Switzerland.

The company’s own hardware in the data centers is networked using dedicated fiber optic connections – for the best performance.

Your digital transformation

Catapult your company’s product and service offering to the front. Extend your products with significant digital services – with Avelon in the background.

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