Avelon Operate

The next-generation building management system

More transparency. More quality. Faster engineering. A more delightful operation.

Building Cybernetics enables its users to understand complex facilities and keep track of things: Avelon Operate. Avelon Operate is the next-generation building management system. It combines intuitive control technology with state-of-the-art web technologies. Your teams and customers will be delighted: For the first time, they have get truly comprehensive and transparent overview.

Manufacturer-neutral with standard protocols

Manufacturer-neutral integration of automation systems with a high degree of flexibility.

Large overviews for large installations

Extremely powerful plant overviews complement individual schematics and interactively display the entire plant in real time.

More quality in less time

Automated quality checks and all engineering tools are accessible in the standard browser and allow you to draw schematics faster and more efficiently.

Performance matters

Web-based at the highest level and at high speed.

data points per schematic
shapes per schematic
pixels across each schematic

The control system for all levels

More transparency. More quality. Faster engineering. A more delightful operation.

Integration platform

As a high-level control system, Avelon integrates the automation and field levels of various manufacturers.

Building management system

The building management system runs on an Inhouse-server or a virtual machine and combines all trades.

Emergency operating level

The local emergency operating level communicates directly with automation stations. It also works without access to the Internet or the control system.

CAD in the Browser

Schematic creation has never been so fast.

Avelon Building Cybernetics turns the standard browser into a CAD application. Switch to edit mode and create even complex plant drawings directly and easily with the powerful editor.

Insert shapes and connect them dynamically. Place data points with drag & drop, or let the system insert the data points for you.

Engineering benefits

Manufacturer-independent integration

Independent of product suppliers, you integrate all manufacturers via standard protocols. Decide whether you want to integrate automation stations, plant components of the TGA or meters directly.

Fastest engineering ever

With Avelon, you also benefit in terms of engineering speed. A wide range of features and an intuitive interface make working with Avelon fast and efficient. It creates schematics and generates reports.

Extensive SVG shape library

The extensive SVG shape library has you covered. The design of the shapes is based on common standards. The powerful shape editor gives you full control over the display.

Quality checks with documentation

Save time and ensure high quality at the same time: Avelon creates automated quality reports on visualized installations and checks data point assignments, alarm parameterizations and other settings.

Rich SVG shape libraries

Avelon Building Cybernetics offers you rich shape libraries. Shapes are drawing elements based purely on SVG.

Get creative! Create your own shapes in the graphics program of your choice, import them into Avelon and animate the elements as you like.

Avelon is Automatic Quality Control

Are all necessary data points available? Has everything been visualized correctly? Which data points are missing or have been placed incorrectly? Avelon Building Cybernetics answers all your questions in a report that also proves activities performed.

Operate and observe better

Compact user interface

No matter whether your processes are complex and your schematics are big, you will always keep your bearings with Avelon. The user interface always shows you which plants need your attention.

Powerful charts

Create super-fast charts ad hoc or combine them in customized dashboards. Flexible calculations and visualizations allow you to present data the way you want.

Detailed rights system

Flexibly organize user rights from portfolios to properties to individual information points. Groups, rights and user administration have your covered.

BACnet BTL certification

Avelon is a certified BACnet AWS (Advanced Operator Workstation) and is BTL listed. The fully HTML5-based BACnet explorer helps you with plant creation and data point control.

Single sign-on for more security

Avelon Building Cybernetics connects to various single sign on solutions. Manage your users, groups and roles via Microsoft Entra ID, Active Directories (AD), Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS), LDAP or even other authorization servers like Google or Apple.

Registered users and users authorized by you can elegantly access their assets and data on the Avelon Cloud or Alcedo Inhouse.

Focused on the essentials

User interfaces created with Avelon Building Cybernetics let you focus on the essentials. The attention stays on the operation.

Create rich charts as you like

Avelon Building Cybernetics’ ad hoc charts let you combine any historical trends from a wide variety of sources.

All documents always at hand

With the integrated document management, all documents are always at hand – even on the road and on site. Versioned, of course.

Freely designable flyouts

With Avelon Building Cybernetics you design parameter pages, plant detail views and much more according to your taste.

All BACnet – and others too

Avelon Building Cybernetics explains even complex protocols like BACnet. The operation of schedules becomes as simple as managing appointments and serial appointments in Outlook. Simple and clear.

Floor plans with high quality and size

Floor plan displays of a new era: scalable SVG vector graphics with free sizes set new standards in presentation

BACnet quality checks

Is the alarm just called that or does it work? Do the live values come in the plant image? Are the trends present and correctly set?

The BACnet Quality Check – another quality gate – checks what is going on. With Avelon Building Cybernetics you can correct properties from the management level.

Scales from a small system to the highly available Private Cloud

Avelon Cloud and Alcedo Inhouse are the same system. Only the setup and localization are different.

With Avelon Building Cybernetics you cover the complete range: from the small system via the Avelon Cloud or Alcedo Inhouse to the high availability private cloud.

Documentation and traceability made easy

Audit trail

A continuous audit trail guides you from the schematic on the control system via the detail view directly to the data point on the automation station.

Document management

Efficient operations need up-to-date documents. Upload new or updated documents and Avelon will distribute them automatically.

Change log

Who changed something in the system, when, and why? The integrated log answers these questions. Flexible functions guide you to the desired entries.

Completely IoT-ready

Avelon is IoT-ready. Integrate your devices and field devices directly into the IoT platform. Combine conventional control systems with modern IoT technologies.

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