Avelon ESG/M

The transparent ESG/media reporting

Sustainability reporting can be so simple. And also as precise. Auditable down to the last detail for all carbon emissions and resources.

Avelon Building Cybernetics uses available data sources and enables its users to generate high quality ESG reports: Avelon ESG/M.

Avelon ESG/M is the intelligence for audit-proof reports. It uses information from various sources, such as ERP, invoices, manual meter readings, digital readings and utility data. Avelon ESG/M checks the plausibility and lists all action points. Your teams and customers will be pleased: For the first time, the entire audit trail from the portfolio level to the consumption value is a complete success.

Focus on results and savings – nationally and internationally

Gain valuable insights into performance and savings gains. Let Avelon ESG/M do the raw data extraction and processing.

Precisely calculate the emission scopes according to GHGP

Avelon ESG/M cleanly delimits years, months and days. The freely definable supplier-related energy and emission factors increase the accuracy.

Portfolio dynamics mapped in an understandable way

Avelon ESG/M reflects your portfolio movements, changes to the energy generation or to the building due to additions or renovations in exemplary fashion.

Real-time ESG calculations

Save massive amounts of time: Building Cybernetics calculates and aggregates large portfolios in seconds. Avelon ESG/M plausibilizes the raw data and converts them into CO2eq. If desired, it adjusts the values climatically and takes into account climate-independent heat references.
Real-time reporting

High-performer versus low-performer

Avelon ESG/M presents you the high performers and the low performers in your portfolio.

Clear Key Performance Indexes show where there is high optimization potential and how the portfolio is performing.

Avelon analysis reveals need for action

Which values are not correct? What still needs to be corrected in order to achieve reliable calculations?

Avelon ESG/M analyzes and checks measured values, climate factors and property information for you. The system provides you with a list of action points and enables you to achieve a resilient reporting.

Audit-proof Drill‑downs

Auditing has never been so transparent.

Open up new testing possibilities for your audit partner. Enable him to interactively trace and check the calculations from the portfolio level to the individual measurand online, as well as in detail.

Property data and emission factors under control

GHG Protocol scope 1-3

Create on-call schedules and communication routes via drag & drop

Different calculation methods

If the responsible people do not react in time, Heads-up! can re-escalate the alarm with a higher priority.

Climate correction with weather data

Local facilities such as key switches change the escalation paths.

Contract changes over time

If no one reacts to the escalation, local alarm signals can be activated.

General and individual factors

With Avelon you manage general factors, as well as the individual factors of your suppliers.

Time management takes into account changing factors, as well as contract changes.

Media report and end energy

Avelon’s reports show the references of all media for entire real estate portfolios. Avelon calculates the final energy for reporting and transparently shows if the trend is for the better.

Emission breakdown

Avelon shows you the greenhouse gas emissions, accurately down to the real estate, building and meter.

See at a glance where your portfolio stands.

Individual evaluations with many degrees of freedom

Nothing beats having an overview of a large real estate portfolio. Avelon ESG/M gives you exactly what you need.

Individual criteria according to your requirements

Freely create your criteria and assign them to real estates or meters.

Dynamic filtering

Compile your individual evaluations with the diverse filter options.

Dynamic calculations

Avelon ESG/M dynamically calculates the key performance indicators according to your specifications within seconds.

Freely definable tags

Your portfolio and properties have their own logic according to which you group and arrange them.

Avelon allows you to freely define and assign tags, according to which you can group and filter. Your calculations adapt dynamically.

Mastering the Flood of Measures

Operational Optimization (BO) creates solutions, but also shows investment potential.

Avelon presents you which measures have been proposed, budgeted, released, implemented and controlled.

Efficiently tap all data sources

The right technical integration for every property.

With a range of operational and technical options, Avelon makes data collection efficient and focused. The importance of a property or location determines the technical integration – not the other way around.

Invoice capturing

Avelon ESG/M can check the plausibility online by directly importing utility invoices from your municipality.

Manual meter readings, also by QR code

Manual meter readings via app (with the possibility of scanning QR codes) optimize the recording and can also check the plausibility offline.

Digital interface to municipal utilities

Avelon ESG/M reads in meter values from the municipal utilities via a direct server connection. This is a cost-efficient option.

Low power networks and meter reading

Private measurements and on-site measurements are recorded by Avelon ESG/M via LPN radio networks or using conventional protocols.

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