EXPO REAL – Review of the leading trade fair

The fair

With 40,000 visitors from 73 countries, EXPO REAL is one of the leading trade fairs for real estate and investment. The trade fair represents the complete value chain of the real estate industry – from development to financing and realization to operation.

Innovation in dialog

EXPO REAL presented the “future of the real estate industry” with its novel trade fair concept NOVA3. Here, the “3” alluded to Hall A3. Right in the middle: the Swiss stand of SWISS CIRCLE and Avelon. Five minutes before 9 o’clock it started with a short alphorn concert. A short time later, the stand proved to be a crowd puller, as it is every year. Focus of the Swiss presence were innovative but practical and proven solutions.

ESG and decarb

The biggest topics at the show were ESG reporting and decarbonization of real estate. Today, real estate companies have to deal with the ESG requirements of the EU, act according to them and document this in a traceable way. And Building Cybernetics from Avelon helps significantly with this.

The basis for this is a few characteristic values and energy data of the properties – and Avelon’s ability to combine these data accurately and meaningfully. With a uniform data framework and official climate data, Avelon can be used to set up a precise benchmarking system that serves as the basis for both ESG/media reporting and property valuation.

One challenge here is widely varying acquisition times and accuracies, which Avelon interpolates to daily value precision using interpolation methods and weather data. This enables the comparability of properties and control of their decarbonization.

The ESG/media reporting from Avelon

Avelon’s transparent ESG/media reporting uses existing data sources and generates high-quality ESG reports. Dynamics in the portfolio, such as racing innovations, are mapped in a comprehensible way and years, months and days can be precisely delimited. Weather data also allows a climatically neutral view of decarbonization. In doing so, Building Cybernetics by Avelon presents the high and low performers in your portfolio and provides a list of action items for proper ESG/media reporting.

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