Manage properties more efficiently

It’s high time we improved our “natural” living space

Contact with customers is important. But a lot of tasks can also be managed more directly. Give your tenants the chance to take care of themselves after work or at the weekend. Optimize the performance of your company with Avelon.

Your tenants – your portfolio

Your corporate identity, Avelon Cloud and your tenants in a one-stop shop. In the background, Avelon notifies the people involved and structures and organises the management processes.

Virtual information displays

Local document repositories

The central hub of your portfolio management

All tasks and responsibilities across the entire portfolio with digital bulletins and company recommendations.

Digital information points

Provide your tenants with news and information about their building via an HTML5 presentation display — quickly and precisely.

Combining tenant concerns and FM

Avelon manages all processes for handling tenant concerns as well as FM tasks

ERP interfaces

Avelon seamlessly integrates information from management systems and other ERP systems.

Making service charge billings more transparent

A tenant objects to the service charge settlement and you cannot tell whether the figures are correct? Avelon puts an end to flying blind and adds transparency and comprehensibility. The first step is to gather precise, reliable meter data – during the year and even during the month.

Billing with accurate data

Avelon measures the data in the middle and at the end of the month. Thus meter readings are always up-to-date, even when tenants move.

Allocation and shares

Avelon calculates transport losses on the basis of the meter network. It creates the consumption-dependent heating expenses settlement according to OR within seconds.

Automatic analysis

Avelon analyzes the measuring data automatically. Deviations and errors become visible.

Heat pumps, cooling, electricity

Avelon automatically calculates media conversions, e.g. from electricity to cold and heat. All shares of a cost unit are easily traceable.

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