How well do you get on with your rooms?

IoT for professional and home use

The advantages for professional building management are obvious. But also for users and tenants of buildings and other spaces, the small room sensor can offers a lot. The room climate sensor records selected parameters and measures without interruption, for example room temperature, humidity, and – in an extended version – also air quality using a CO₂ meter.

Trouble in the air?

At home, in open-plan offices or classrooms

In closed rooms with many people, poor air quality can be a problem. Wisely monitors air quality and temperature in real time. In the event of deviations – or if ventilation is required – it will notify you. Avelon has developed Wisely CarbonSense in cooperation with the “Schweizer Verein Luft und Wasserhygiene”, “Lunge Zürich” and the “Dachverband Lehrerinnen und Lehrer Schweiz” specifically with classrooms in mind.


Wisely uses the Long Range Wide Area Network (LoRaWAN) to send data to the Avelon Cloud platform, where they are aggregated. You can view them in any web browser.

Only 10% of the transmitting power of a mobile phone

With as little transmitting power and on low frequencies as a garage door opener, Wisely transmits across buildings and miles beyond. But most of its time Wisely measures or is in sleep mode.

Tenant assistance

Combine professional building management with tenant assistance systems. Wisely turns into a hub for everything: from room conditioning to instructions for the built-in appliances and tenant/management communication.

Low maintenance requirements

Your Wisely will last up to 5 years on a standard retail battery.

Long range ‒ literally

The ranges go from 2 km (urban area) to 15 km (suburbs) and up to 40 km (open line of sight). It can also penetrate underground premises to a certain extent.

Data protection

The measurement data is double encrypted and hosted in Switzerland. The data remains in the cloud unless the customer triggers an export or download himself.

Plug and play

Avelon Wisely does not need to be configured. Simply scan the QR Code and it is set up and ready to use. No wiring. Simply read out via smartphone - without an app.

Hightech sensors

The smart chip sensors we use are manufactured by Bosch, Sensirion and Senseair. These kinds of sensors are mainly used in medical and laboratory technology and in the automotive industry.

Wisely and Beetle are your individual room control.

Integrate our IoT devices locally and autonomously into your building automation. With BACnet.

Which Wisely is right for you?

Wisely is available in three versions. Wisely AllSense is the showpiece of the portfolio with its additional sensors for volatile organic gases, presence and illuminance. Of course the basic services of Avelon Cloud are already activated for all three variants. Unpack, scan QR Code, view data. And via your browser, you can define additional services such as alarm chains and recording over longer periods of time.

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