Avelon 7.20 release notes

Climate Correction

The weather this year is different from the weather last year. The climate correction uses the method of accumulated temperature differences between indoor and outdoor temperature to neutralize the effects of annual variations. Plots depicting correcting energy consumptions can now automatically be adjusted.

Two-Factor Authentication (App)

Go to your user account settings and click on Enable on the Login card under Two-Factor Authentication to set up an Authenticator app on your mobile phone as a second factor (e.g. Google Authenticator).

German Weather Stations

The weather device is extended by further forecast values and historic values of the Deutscher Wetterdienst. The weather data can be used for the new climate correction in widgets or to regulate rooms using our TABS service.

Media Types and Data Points

In energy management, data points reflect the measured values of a medium. We have extended the data points to reflect the usage of a measured medium, e.g. room heating or domestic hot water production.

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