Beetle masters them all

One device to place all buildings on a solid ground.

The Avelon Beetle integrates all systems with common standard protocols. With its modular license model, it is suitable for the retail market, multi-family house, site development with 500 residential units, industrial operation, data center or power plant with 20,000 data points. Beetle can handle them all. Avelon Beetle uses open interfaces to create ecosystems from different systems and facilities. Its engineering is intuitive and time-saving.

Manufacturer neutral

Avelon Beetle integrate vendor-neutral and are open to third parties. Thus, the Beetle translates all local protocols to BACnet.

Investment protection

Avelon maintains the Beetle device series during runtime. Security-critical updates and feature enhancements are distributed automatically.

Compact and sustainable

The Avelon Beetles operate autonomously and are equipped with all functions. Engineering is simple and retrofits are possible at any time.

Works. Even without internet.

It must also work without the Internet: The Beetle operates 100% in the automation level and also works without the Internet.

100% at the automation level

The Avelon Beetle works like an automation station - even without the Internet. They perform tasks such as building regulation according to weather forecasts autonomously.

Takes over all local tasks

The smart devices work autonomously, acquire data, convert protocols, alarm, switch and record. Their database lasts a long time, even without the Internet.

Redundant communication with failover and fallback

The Beetles know sophisticated ways. If the Internet is no longer available via LAN or WAN, the Beetles connect to mobile communications as a backup line.

Collaboration. Independence. Beetle.

Intuitive integration. Finish it off in the office.

Beetles bring devices online in a snap. Powerful testing capabilities and the visual explorers make integration easy.

Then it’s on to the office, because the Beetle enables remote access to the local network.

All BACnet

Avelon Beetles speak and integrate everything that is BACnet. And they also translate everything to BACnet. So they can be integrated into any plant, regardless of the manufacturer.

The hardware Beetle

The hardware Beetles are edge devices that run all the necessary services in the building. Services are compiled according to the situation. They can be expanded with external devices.

Data points
0 +
External devices
0 +
BACnet objects
0 +

The software Beetle

Software Beetles run as Docker containers on Alcedo Inhouse systems or as a stand-alone VM. Only the virtualization determines the possible performance. For very large systems, virtual Beetles are in use.

Alarms per day
0 +
BACnet objects
0 +
Records per day

Unique advantages

IoT fleet management

The Beetles are checked into a fleet management system via encrypted connections. It distributes firmware and monitors success.

Updates without interruption

Service interruptions due to updates usually take less than a second. The Avelon architecture makes it possible.

Hardened operating systems

The operating systems of the Beetles are hardened according to the CIS (Center for Internet Security) standards. In the Beetle T6, it can be replaced at runtime.

Backup included

What happens in the event of a failure? The Beetles store their jobs and settings on the cloud or Alcedo Inhouse. After replacing a Beetle, its old settings will be restored.

System comparison

Avelon Beetle is a software concept. It runs on edge devices, as a virtual machine or Docker container in Alcedo Inhouse systems.

Beetle T5 Beetle T6 Beetle Appliance
Computing unit

Field of application
up to 10.000 data points
up to 30.000 data points
500.000+ data points
Mobile network
Mobile network
Fleet management
Simple update
Professional update
(incl. operating system)
small systems
Small and medium-sized systems
advanced requirements
Industrial applications
Recommended for
Avelon Cloud
Alcedo Inhouse
Avelon Cloud
Alcedo Inhouse
Alcedo Inhouse

Autonomous LPN networks

The right technical integration for every property.

With a range of operational and technical capabilities, Avelon makes data collection efficient and focused.

The weighting of a property or site determines the technical integration – not the other way around.

Any LoRaWAN device in your own network

The Beetles are also LoRaWAN servers. Build your own mobile LoRaWAN networks and integrate any device.

LoRaWAN to BACnet

Amazingly, the Beetles convert the payload of any LoRaWAN device into BACnet objects.

Control remains local on the automation level

The Beetles and BACnet enable you to integrate LoRaWAN in your automation ­stations using BACnet.

Timing and night setback

The Beetles’ BACnet capabilities enable you to manage night setbacks and convenience programs as easily as Outlook appointments.

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