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Energy data controlling

With seven locations (plus one in planning), the Valens clinic group is the largest rehab provider in Switzerland. At their main site in Valens, the goup is fully relying on Avelon’s solutions and are planning a common, central energy data controlling for all sites.

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During the renovation of the public thermal bath, the sheep of a Grisons artist were allowed to use the pool temporarily.

Ivan Garcia, team leader of the technical service, is responsible for the execution of the energy management and controlling project and explains how the cooperation came about: “Avelon inspired us with their innovative solutions and this ultimately tipped the scales in favor of working with them. The possibilities for energy controlling and reporting of Avelon Cloud as well as the interfaces to the plant technology and the building control system, respectively, offer us the basis to plan future solutions today.”

After the renovation, the drained water is used for heating energy generation. In the process, heat is extracted from the water and processed by a heat pump to heat up the storage tank. “Avelon helps us measure the energy flows, heat and electricity. For this purpose, a Beetle is collecting and processing the data,” adds Garcia.

In addition, Wiselys are in use in various rooms at the hospital group’s main site so that employees can also get a feel for energy consumption. Ivan Garcia: “LoRaWAN plays a very important role here, since the campus is not fully networked. With LoRaWAN, we can overcome the longer distances between the numerous external buildings and collect the data automatically. Previously, we had to laboriously read them out manually.

The Valens clinics also operate a heating network. We are very grateful to Avelon, because we can use the services of Avelon Cloud to do the utility billing for us.”

Kliniken Valens

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