LoRaWAN gateway

CHF 99.00CHF 1'095.00

Extend the range of your IoT devices with a LoRaWAN gateway.

Please select the gateway model according to the network provider of your IoT devices:

Swisscom LPN:

  • Swisscom LPN gateway indoor (with Swisscom SIM card)

The Things Network:

  • TTN gateway with Wi-Fi, registered
  • 4G LoRaWAN gateway indoor (with Swisscom SIM card)


  • LoRaWAN gateway indoor with Building Automation

* No discounts possible on these positions

For devices that use the Swisscom LPN, the upgrade to paid licenses will incur an additional fee of CHF 1.39/month (excl. VAT). To find out which LoRaWAN network provider your device uses, please refer to its configuration page on Avelon Cloud.

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