The new headquarters of SCOTT Sports SA

Not only architecturally breathtaking. The new SCOTT HQ is also a technical marvel which we were privileged to equip with our Avelon solutions in cooperation with Hediger Automations AG. Among others, 1 Beetle and about 250 Wiselys are doing their service for this great Swiss company.

The SCOTT headquarters have been located in Givisiez, on the city limits of Fribourg, since 1978. Beat Zaugg, CEO of SCOTT Sports SA, has fulfilled a dream with the new headquarters. “While developing the building, we focused on sustainability. In addition to the building materials, automation with state-of-the-art control technology was also very important to us”.

Leo Putz, CEO of Avelon: “We use Wiselys in practically all rooms – from showrooms to offices and meeting rooms. Their task is to control and regulate the climate and help to operate the building as efficiently as possible.”

“The whole building runs on Avelon Cloud and all settings can be made via web browser”, adds Fabio Hediger, project manager at Hediger Automations AG and demonstrates it by opening and closing the stunning facade of the building via mobile phone.

The project with SCOTT Sports SA is a prime example of the Cloud and LoRaWAN solutions of Avelon. From the very beginning, the client wanted the building to be up and running and the employees to be able to concentrate on their core competences and not have to worry about ICT problems such as maintenance, operation, updates and upgrades of the system.

Hediger Automations AG

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