WAGO and Avelon launch partnership for building cloud

WAGO and Avelon are now joining forces to offer a joint cloud solution for the building market. Their shared vision is to contribute to the energy transition and greater sustainability in this sector with open building ecosystems.

The technology partnership will combine the strengths of both companies in the future: WAGO brings many years of expertise in automation technology for buildings – hardware as well as software; Avelon has established itself as a cloud and in-house provider for building management systems. Together, they now want to build a bridge between engineering, building management and sustainability in buildings. Both partners still see a lot of potential in better networking of buildings and in the interaction of trades: highly efficient engineering processes could simplify the technology and save a lot of energy and costs.

For WAGO, the partnership represents a further development of its digitalization offering in buildings and a decisive step towards becoming a holistic system provider for building automation. “The market can look forward to a new building automation system that uses future-oriented, open IT technologies from the controller to the cloud, as well as consistent, simple engineering. In short, this is a major and important step towards the building automation of the future,” says Dr. Heiner Lang, CEO at WAGO, summarizing the joint project.

The added value for customers is primarily the speed and quality gains generated by the seamless flow of information. Leo Putz, CEO at Avelon, adds: “The art of creating systems is to achieve maximum quality and efficiency in a limited amount of time. With the technology partnership, we are massively increasing this potential for our customers. Furthermore, marketable cloud solutions are possible with just one WAGO controller”. Concrete solutions from the technology partnership for the market are expected in 2023.

Leo Putz, CEO Avelon (left) and Heiner Lang, CEO WAGO (right)

About the partners


The WAGO Group is one of the world’s leading suppliers of connection and automation technology and interface electronics. Building technology is one of the core sectors of the Minden-based company, which offers a comprehensive portfolio of products and solutions for building installation and automation: from the WINSTA® pluggable installation system and modular control components based on the WAGO I/O System 750 to modern software solutions for a wide range of applications, such as room automation or lighting management. The focus is always on the right solution for the customer – whether standardized or customized.

Avelon AG

Avelon AG has made a name for itself with pioneering solutions for managing buildings and real estate portfolios. The cloud and in-house systems are used in standard properties, functional buildings, airports, soccer stadiums, railroad and infrastructure facilities. Avelon combines professional building management systems with alarm management, energy management and reporting as well as load management. Tenant assistance, ESG reporting and seamless digital collaboration also empower customers and create new freedoms to make the building stock more energy-efficient.

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