Avelon 7.27 release notes

Assign data point filters to user groups

Data point filters can now be assigned to user groups to allow users to access specific data points even if they don’t have access to the device to which these data points belong.

Data import from email

It is now possible to choose Email as the source of your data imports. You can then send the files you want to have imported to the email address shown on the configuration page, and the system will fetch and import the files that are attached to the email.

Note that data imports with a schedule are limited to importing values to virtual devices, and only one data import of a particular data format is allowed per device.

BACnet schedule synchronization

In addition to BACnet calendars, BACnet schedules now also support automatic synchronization, which allows all events from one schedule to be automatically copied to one or more other schedules.

New options in the Table Report widget

We added some new column types to the Table Report widget: With Start Date of the Interval and End Date of the Interval you can display the start or end date of the displayed time interval in your reports, respectively.

With Date of Value, you can display the date of the measurements by choosing one of the two value functions Date of First Value and Date of Last Value to display the date of the first or last value in the displayed time interval, respectively.

If you select a Value column type (with or without unit), you can choose among a few new options: First ValueLast ValueInterpolated Value at Start of the Interval and Interpolated Value at End of the Interval. For a detailed description, please refer to our user manual.

Bug fixes and improvements

  • The modem configuration on the Beetle can now be switched manually between IPv4 and IPv6. You can still use the current behavior, though, which will detect the appropriate mode automatically.
  • The MAC address of the LAN and WAN network interfaces are now displayed on the Beetle device details page.
  • Link shapes can now also navigate to dashboards (in addition to groups and schematic widgets).
  • When navigating away from a page with modified but unsaved changes, you can now click on Save to save the changes, or Discard to discard them. Clicking on Cancel will abort the navigation and stay on the current page.
  • Tickets that can only be closed when they have been acknowledged by the device can now be closed anyway by checking the respective checkbox on the Close Ticket dialog.
  • If a user was imported from an external authentication provider, the name of the respective provider will be displayed next to the user name.
  • If a data point on your schematic is in alarm, manual mode or out of service, you can easily cycle through all affected shapes by repeatedly clicking on the respective status icon in the top right corner. Hold Ctrl or Cmd while clicking to center the entire schematic again.
  • If you have active filters on a table, this will be indicated with a yellow filter icon in the column header. If you want to quickly clear all filters on your table, click on the Clear Filters icon at the far right of the table header.

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