Avelon temperature control with LoRaWAN

Ideal for existing buildings: regulate room temperatures elegantly and precisely and save lots of energy.

With the LoRaWAN room temperature control from Avelon, manual adjustment of radiators is a thing of the past. Replace your old radiator thermostats with the battery-free LoRaWAN ThermoValve. Whether in offices, schools, industry or other functional buildings, you only heat when you need to and become incredibly energy efficient.

Easy to install

No wiring of the LoRaWAN devices is necessary. Simply connect the ThermoValve to the radiator using a universal adapter.

Do it yourself

The devices can be configured in next to no time using a QR code. No IT knowledge, programme code or PLC programming required.

Administration in the browser

Room control is managed and monitored very simply in the browser. No additional software or app is required.

Tracking changes in the operation

Visualise the temperatures in your buildings transparently and precisely. In real time and up to 10 years in the past.

Create customised heating schedules

Increase comfort and energy efficiency through targeted heating. You can create customised schedules for your room temperatures on the user interface in the browser.

Minimal maintenance

The Wisely has a battery life of up to 5 years. The ThermoValve is even battery-free thanks to the Thermo­generator. This eliminates the need for regular maintenance.

Function even without the Internet

Temperature control is ensured even in the event of an internet failure. The data is stored locally on the Beetle.

Reduce energy costs

With customised heating schedules and temperature reductions overnight or at weekends, you can save a lot of energy and money.

Structure of the Avelon temperature control

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