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With LoRaWAN and Avelon, you can make your existing buildings fit for the world of IoT.

Avelon’s LoRaWAN solutions automate and monitor systems, meters and buildings reliably and precisely. They are the ideal solution for the smart digitalization of existing buildings.

The Avelon Cloud generates added value from the information obtained. Avelon also automates the Internet using LoRaWAN and increases energy efficiency.

Incredible range

LoRaWAN wireless technology offers an impressive range that makes it possible to transmit data over long distances, even across buildings.

Long battery life

Avelon’s LoRaWAN sensors can be operated for up to 8 years with a standard battery thanks to their extreme energy efficiency. Without any maintenance.

Easy to install

With LoRaWAN devices, there is no need for subsequent cabling.
Configuration is very simple: scan the QR code and get started.

Ideal for existing buildings

Existing properties and facilities can be equipped with numerous sensors in the simplest possible way and the latest IoT applications can be used to your advantage. With the use of LoRaWAN devices, you are spared the tangle of cables and the challenge of wireless communication in built-up areas is overcome.

Integration into the building automation system

The Avelon Beetles translate LoRaWAN to BACnet. Use the data in your regular systems.

Works even without the Internet

With your own LoRaWAN network, you are completely autonomous. Building automation, recording and time switching also work without the Internet.

All in the browser

Operate and set up the system via the browser. No additional software or app is required.

Convenient on-screen monitoring and operation

The LoRaWAN devices are visualized and managed in the intuitive and modern user interface of the Avelon Cloud. Whether you are on the move or in the office – you can keep an overview of your buildings and systems at all times via the browser.

Security and data protection

LoRaWAN ensures robust IoT data security by means of end-to-end encryption from the sensor to the application.

Low operating costs

With minimal maintenance requirements and low power consumption, LoRaWAN devices are a cost-effective solution.


LoRaWAN networks are extremely scalable and can support a large number of devices. Expand your LoRaWAN devices simply and easily at any time.

The LoRaWAN devices from Avelon

Whether you need to check air quality, monitor air quality or control room temperature – with LoRaWAN devices from Avelon, your applications are limitless. Whether you work in administration, industry, healthcare, logistics or smart cities, our solutions adapt to your needs.

With the ThermoValve from Avelon, the temperature of rooms can be precisely controlled. This saves a lot of energy. Simply scan the QR code and it’s ready to use.

The Avelon Binary 10/4 is a fault indicator. It is suitable for monitoring small systems with status signals, binary alarms or counting pulses. Simply scan the QR code and it is ready for use.

With its conductivity measurement, the Avelon LeakSense is used for reliable leakage monitoring. It is ideal for industrial applications.

The Avelon ThermoSense records temperature courses without gaps with separately connected sensors. With its high temperature range it is suitable for operational applications. Simply scan the QR code and it is ready for use.

The Avelon Wisely seamlessly records selected parameters and measures the room temperature, humidity and air quality. Simply scan the QR code and it is ready for use.

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